So I’ve discovered a lovely chiropractor and both the Dude and I have just had assessments and adjustments.  Yes, I know, chiropractor, that’s so 1985, right?  That’s what I thought, but this chiro is different.  I’ve always gone to osteopaths, who I think are fantastic, but this particular chiro, Allison at Newtown Community Chiropractic, is something special.  The treatment and approach are very wholistic, which I like.  It’s nowhere near as expensive as I expected and I really feel like there’s going to be some progress here.

For the Dude, he is doing this odd crab-style crawl where he puts his right foot flat, and it appears he’s very much right dominant, so we’re going to see if this treatment helps him balance out a bit.  It may also help with his skin as that is very much constitutional.  I secretly think, though, that while it might help, it won’t cure it, and I need to change my diet before any change will occur.  I actually think he has come to teach me how to do this, or at least provide me with the opportunity to do it.  I don’t know if I can or will.

Which leads me to the reason I went to the chiro.  My body is so far out of balance, far more than ever in my life.  My weight and eating issues stemming from bad habits learned through life in response to traumatic events are my main concerns.  I never thought something like chiro, which I’ve always seen as very focused on the physical, could affect the emotions or mental state, but having spoken to the chiro I can now see how it can.  That’s not to say I think it’s going to sort out my issues, but I think it will help give me the opportunity to heal them for myself.  I found myself telling the chiro, during my assessment, about all my food issues and she really helped me look at how various traumas can trigger the formation of negative patterns of behaviour.

As she began the treatment and very lightly and quickly slid her hands down my back and all the way down to my ankles, I felt a very odd hot-cold sensation in my calves.  I didn’t say anything, but I remembered it.  She spoke a little about what we might achieve as she did the treatment, getting me to breathe in and out at certain points and making the table do its clunky up and down stuff.  When she mentioned establishing a heart-head connection I felt emotion rise in me, as though I was going to cry!  It was bizarre, totally unexpected.  But I noticed it and remembered.  The only part I found a little disconcerting was when she cracked my neck.  I didn’t expect it, and although I’ve had it done before and it wasn’t painful, it felt a little more invasive than I’d like.  My neck felt great, free and clear and flexible, afterwards but I’m not convinced that kind of manipulation is ‘right’.

Anyway, we’ll see what comes of all this.  If anything I hope the Dude gets his stuff sorted so he can grow without blockages and his nerves are firing on all cylinders.  For me, I’m not sure, perhaps this will lead me further on the path to healing.  It feels like I’ve got a massive mountain to climb, a sheer cliff face in fact.  So many things are out of balance in my life at the moment, both on a practical level and an emotional level and I find it hard to work out where to begin.  I’ve got grand plans though…