For Christ’s sake, learn to spell!

I’ve been more than a little put off recently by all the spelling mistakes and typos in blog posts I read. Okay, I admit it, I’m a Nazi when it comes to spelling and grammar, it’s in the blood! And being an editor it’s just what I do.

I’m the first to admit my writing has plenty of mistakes scattered through it too, don’t get me wrong. But I hate text speak when it’s not in a text message, and I hate made up words. Yes, alright, I can hear the counter argument already: aren’t all words made up? Of course. I studied linguistics, I understand how languages evolved, and I’m fully aware that English is the most made up, random, inconsistent language of all. So I’ll narrow down my gripe a bit. What really shits me are words that sound like they could be words but really aren’t. “Agreeance” is a prime example. Dude, the word is “agreement”, there’s no such word as “agreeance”! It’s like saying something is “beautive” instead of beautiful, or that you felt “confusement” instead of confusion.

I guess I’m also kind of annoyed at bloggers who don’t proof read before hitting publish. Not to say that I expect no mistakes or typos – it’s a blog post, it is spontaneous by its very nature and you can’t expect some expertly-honed piece of literary genius. But I notice a significant variation between posts, to the extent that I enjoy some authors’ work less because it’s full of typos and mistakes. What really annoys me is when those bloggers are being paid to blog! I just think it’s sloppy and dodgy.

I’ll leave you with some new and wonderful words courtesy of Gertrude Perkins, aka Mr E Blackadder.