The government sent me a letter…

Anyone else get a letter from Medicare passing on some ‘information’ about whooping cough from the NSW government? It’s like an ad for immunisation, so awful! Here’s the gist:

Hi there, it’s Medicare here, don’t shoot the messenger, but the NSW Department of Health asked us to pass on some propaganda about pertussis for no real reason in particular. Seriously, we don’t divulge your details to anyone, even NSW Health, we’re just telling you about this info from them ’cause we’re just really nice and stuff. Don’t ask us anything about vaccination, we’re just passing this on in such a way that we don’t breach privacy laws but still manage to facilitate the government’s sly vaccination propaganda campaign. Cheers, from some kind of privacy ombudsman at Medicare – what’s that got to do with vaccinations, oh, I mean, whooping cough? Never mind, just read the letter.

And here’s what the ‘information’ said:

Dear gullible parent/carer

We’re pretending to write to you about whooping cough, because it sounds really scary to parents, but really we’re just bombarding you with general vaccination propaganda and not really giving you any information about whooping cough at all. Oh, it’s also called pertussis – that makes us sound official, hey? It’s really contagious and really dangerous, especially for babies, and they can get it from everyone else. Scary stuff, really, be afraid, start panicking now! Did we mention this is an ‘alert’? Ooh, wow, you’re really worried now hey?

There are three easy steps to making sure you blindly get sucked in by our propaganda, simultaneously believing that the government cares about the health of babies AND satisfying the pharmaceutical companies by spending your tax dollars on their crappy vaccines! Man, we’re good aren’t we?  So, instead of being honest with you, we’re going to scare the crap out of you and make you assume the only way you can deal with the scary monster that is whooping cough is to run along and inject your kids with toxins.

The three steps are: Identify, Protect, Prevent. So, if you have whooping cough, run along and get treatment (not that you can really do anything once you have it except ensure baby is comfortable, properly nourished, and kept safe and sound, but you know, doctors are gods, we don’t want you to think that your home treatment could be just as effective if not more so than a doctor’s). Oh, and your doctor can tell you about vaccination while you’re there getting this non-existent treatment, bonus!

Step two, vaccinate baby! We’re not going to bother telling you that breastfeeding on demand and good nutrition will go a long way to ensuring your little one is protected, nah, that’d be too easy! Just make sure you inject your kids with chemicals and oh, tell everyone you come in contact with to inject themselves and their kids with chemicals too – that’ll fix it, yay! Oh, and did we mention it’s FREE (in capitals) to get these chemicals injected into you and your kids?

And how do you prevent whooping cough? That’s step three, it just involves making sure you don’t come anywhere near anyone who might have it. What we won’t tell you is that most kids who are breastfed on demand from birth and properly nourished will have sufficient immunity not to catch these things, and even if they do catch it, it will be a mild dose that just helps build immunity anyway… Plus the chemicals we’ll inject into you and your child aren’t really effective anyway some of the time, so yeah, it might not do anything except potentially put your child at risk of various disorders (but we’re not sure because we haven’t done any proper studies on the effects of vaccinations on babies, can’t be bothered, we’d rather kiss the pharmaceutical companies’ arses and take the easy way out to give you the idea that we’re doing so much good for public health). If we told you that, you might question the need for vaccinations, and we’d look pretty dumb too!!

Head to our website for more scaremongering about vaccinations (oh sorry, we mean whooping cough, that’s what this info is about, yes).

Yours sincerely

A doctor who is also Chief Health Officer (sounds impressive) and works in epidemiology apparently, hmm.

Just in case you weren’t sure, I’ve not quoted the letters word for word, slight tweaking of the language, just to help clarify the real agenda…