A song for a thunderstorm

The Pacific Ocean up the road from my place
The Pacific Ocean up the road from my place

A massive storm just came in here, and because we’re up on the cliff tops looking over the Pacific Ocean, we bear the brunt of any stormy weather!  The rolls of thunder are frightening in their intensity and the lightening is incredible, as though it’s striking right outside my front window!  (which it probably is – last time there was a big storm like this it killed our Foxtel box and when the dude came to fix it he told me they are always out replacing boxes in this area when there’s a storm)

Anyway, as the thunder crashed and the Dude noticed it for the first time, I began spontaneously singing a song my mum used to sing to me when it stormed.

Now I know where it came from – and now I can learn all the lyrics, as I only ever knew the first verse and got many of the words wrong…

Don’t cry for me little dude

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I’ve found myself making up songs for the little Dude, to distract him either while we’re driving or while I’m changing him.  They’re just regular songs and I modify the lyrics to suit the situation.  Here’s one I sang today:

(to the tune of ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’, imagining Madonna singing from a balcony)

Don’t cry for me little Dude

The truth is I’ve never left you

All through this journey

Down to the airport

I’ve kept my promise

Wish it was cut short…

Today I sang this at the top of my voice over and over as the little man cried all the way from the Kings Cross tunnel to the airport because the stupid Eastern Distributor was jammed for no freaking reason.  Of course, because traffic jams in Sydney are never caused by anything.  It’s just like the government sends out some kind of subliminal mind control signal and suddenly everyone within 500 metres of a tunnel decides to go 20km per hour.  Either that or Sydney is the worst planned city in the universe.  Poor little Dude, he doesn’t deal with being in the car if it’s not going or if he’s hungry.  Today it was the former, but on the way home it was the latter, although recently, since his about-face at the beginning of the week, he cries just because he’s not being held or having attention paid to him.  As soon as I get him out of the car he stops.  It’s kind of nice that I can have that effect on him.