Who, what, why, where

This blog is mainly about the search for home – cultural identity, a sense of belonging physically, emotionally and spiritually. It also goes off on a lot of tangents and sometimes isn’t about that at all.

I’m Kat. I’m Australian by birth, English, Irish, Scottish, Serbian, German, French, Belgian, Swiss by ancestry, so I have a lot to say about culture, or at least my own cultural identity. I find it hard to identify with the Aussie culture so there are hints at this struggle through my posts. I feel European, always have.  I’ve done a fair bit of genealogical research too and I am fascinated with the people I come from.

I used to live in Melbourne up until 31st July 2015 when we moved to Canada for a year while I do an MA Italian Studies at the University of Toronto. I graduated, and we moved back to Australia. But we shouldn’t have. Long story. Read the blog.

I live with my husband, aka Mr Chewbacca, five-year-old son, aka the Dude, and two-year-old daughter, aka Thumper. We moved to Melbourne from Sydney via Canberra and it was our last attempt at settling in Australia as it didn’t seem to suit us culturally or climate-wise. Plenty more posts to come on that topic, no doubt.

I had my son at home in a pool, and my daughter too, and I wouldn’t do birth in a hospital unless there was a genuine need for medical intervention (ie. true life or death situation – not just fake risk factors like breech or post 42 weeks or whatever).  I’m also pretty alternative in my views around health in general.  I’m a fan of Steiner education and anything holistic, and was Steiner educated myself although I also attended state and Catholic schools. I tend not to do what most people do but it’s not because I’m being rebellious and not because I have some extreme left wing viewpoint to maintain; it’s just how I roll. Mr Chewbacca says I’m a Communist which I don’t necessarily agree with but I kind of like it all the same.

Although I know a fair bit about health and what’s good for the body, I’m really bad at taking care of my own body.  So I eat a lot of bad food and then berate myself for it.  It’s caused me to put on weight steadily since I was 14 and weighed 63kg (and thought I was fat – what the?!)  It’s more than just eating a lot of shit food, it’s a full on issue around emotional eating.  Oh and I’m also a lazy bugger, always have been, stems from a combination of being generally good at most stuff without trying and a fear of failure.  Most people find it frustrating as hell, myself included.

I write. A lot. In fact I’m one of those people who sends emails that you need an entire afternoon pretending to do work to get through, and then have to reply in sections. I once had a friend reply to one of my lengthy emails saying, ‘no offence but I just haven’t got enough time to read your email’. Point taken, no offence taken. It’s what I do, and I totally get that most people don’t want to sit around reading stuff about me that goes on and on and repeats the same thing in many different ways. But some people can handle it. And, providing they’re not offended, a small handful actually like it! For some reason I can’t really help writing in the way I do. So that’s why I have a blog.  And that’s why I plan to be the author of several novels in the future. About interesting stuff, I promise, not just jabbering on about my own life!

I’m always off on some tangent or another. Most of the time I can remember where I began, but often I’ll forget what I was talking about because I’ve totally gone off on a tangent which in turn went off on another tangent and so on. It’s how I roll. And it explains the name of this blog. The irony, I suppose, is that my goal in life is increasingly becoming about not going off on tangents, about finding a place to call home and knowing who I am and where I belong.

If you read anything on here that you enjoy, please leave me a comment. I’m not very good at asking for stuff, but a bit of feedback is always welcome!

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