It’s gonna snow

So excited about the possibility of snow! I keep looking at the sky and seeing snow clouds, the kind I’d see over the hills surrounding Canberra growing up. I’ve known what snow clouds look like for a long time, but so rarely have I actually been anywhere where it snows while it’s actually snowing. I just love the cold so much, it matches me.

The weather report changes all the time and this winter is, thus far, (although technically it’s not winter for another month) unseasonably warm. There was apparently snow on the ground this time last year, yet we haven’t even been needing winter jackets every day. Mr Chewbacca isn’t impressed, but I know the snow is coming, it may just be a little later, and that’s fine because I know it doesn’t thaw until March or April anyway.

Nothing else to report, just wanted to say, it’s gonna snow!!


Author: curiosikat

Writer, editor, linguist, social historian...

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