Early days

Even though we’re finally here in Canada it feels like we are still against some invisible opposing force. It’s hard going, this whole thing. Nothing is logical or works as it should. Everything is complicated and convoluted. It still feels as though this may not be the right thing to do.

This is actually at Sunnyside Grill but it gives you an idea, Sunset is similar.

We got up and got ready quickly this morning (no towels for showers or food or plates for breakfast) went to the Sunset Grill for breakfast, the third time since we’ve been in Canada. Dude calls it “Grug’s Sunset”, I think because he was reading a Grug book around time he first learnt the name of the cafe. It just so happens there was one near our hotel in Toronto (a Sunset Grill, not a Grug book) and there’s also one near our new house. It’s actually not as cool as I thought. The novelty has worn off somewhat. But it’s cheap and cheerful. And waffles. Waffles.

Once we were done with breakfast we went across to the bank. It was very quiet, virtually no one in the typically weird standalone 70s style building. A receptionist greeted us and we told her we’re new to the country and would like to open bank accounts. She went off to get someone to help us and it just so happened he was sitting behind a partition right next to us. So we heard him say he isn’t interested in helping us, too busy. Another lady was asked and apparently she was also otherwise engaged. The receptionist didn’t hesitate in telling us no one could see us and gave no other option than, well, get lost. Scotia Bank, they are something else. We were blown away and quite angry really. A guy who was in the bank and overheard what had gone on came out and said he couldn’t believe what just happened and advised us to go to a different bank. I just want to leave them a scathing review. But in the end went elsewhere and yes, it took ages and was super confusing but at least we got somewhere. Sort of. Still don’t have credit cards (and you need them for a lot here) because we can’t get Social Insurance Numbers yet (long story).

It’s tough going, with no wifi or phones, can’t call or go online to organise anything we so desperately need. So we hunt for free wifi networks everywhere we go and ask at various shops we go into if they can let us use the phone or scan a document or print something. But the great thing is that people here will do whatever they can to help us. The systems and processes are so outdated so they cause problems for us but in contrast people are so kind and helpful.
Today was a rough day though: only partly successful with the bank, unsuccessful with Service Canada and immigration (I have to mail my visa to Ottawa for an amendment), unsuccessful getting Canadian phone numbers and two very bored and slightly sick children. It will get better. It has to!


Author: curiosikat

Writer, editor, linguist, social historian...

2 thoughts on “Early days”

  1. Add to that the not knowing anyone in the area who might offer you tea and sympathy, advice or towels. Moving somewhere new is tough even in your own country, nevermind the added complications of credit cards and visas etc. Chin up though, it will get better, and this sh*tty time will become your ‘when we first arrived in Canada anecdote’. Best of luck 🙂

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