And finally, green light…

We are officially moving to Canada! It’s been the biggest headache, waiting for these bloody visas, and having to change our flights to ensure we’d have time to give notice on our house and Mr Chewbacca’s job. Not only is it costing more but it’s just making life harder and making us keep questioning whether this is the right move.

About a week ago I changed the email settings on my phone so I get a notification whenever a new email arrives. Normally I have push notifications off and really don’t want to know what’s arrived. But I needed to keep a close eye this time because if it arrived, we really needed to know! Today I glimpsed a notification as I finished at playgroup with the kids and when I saw what it was I just had to know! I actually managed to log into this worst secure site ever and there it was – “Status: Approved “. Deep breath.

The official “number of days until we leave” tally is at 40 today. Midwinter’s day here, and, apparently, officially the first day of summer in Toronto. There’s so much to do. We’ve got to sell about three quarters of our stuff, including the car and all our electricals. Things like mattresses don’t retain value and it’s so hard to sell for next to nothing.

We want to find a house to rent before we leave if possible, which isn’t a simple feat. The places we’ve looked at online have lots of photos and info so we can tell the size of them, the individual rooms, the general age and condition. We spend hours on Google Street View looking at where places are, what they look like outside, the general look of the area, the street etc. But there’s only so much you can tell from pictures on the Internet. Ultimately we just have to take a chance on something.

Now we can’t keep saying, “Well we’re planning to go to Canada but we’re still not sure as our visas aren’t approved.” It’s scary to say the least. But it’s definitely happening now and I am excited!

Author: curiosikat

Writer, editor, linguist, social historian...

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