The love

So my second baby has arrived. She made quite a dramatic entrance, or at least she came much faster than her brother did three years ago. I will do a separate post on the birth story, but suffice it to say, it was about five hours of established labour, three hours active and more freaking painful than anything I could ever have imagined! Intense! But I came out of it relatively unscathed, a first degree tear and graze noted although frankly it feels like nothing, nowhere near the sting of last time. I lost 800ml of blood this time, which is about double that of last labour, but although this is considered a haemhorrage, it really didn’t take that much out of me. I actually did feel dizzy and a bit weak afterwards but the placenta came quite quickly, within about 20 minutes, much faster than the almost hour of last time, and I stopped bleeding straight away. She came on 24 August, hours after the zodiac switched from Leo to Virgo.

I cannot describe how bonded I feel to this baby already. It’s not familiarity, it’s this true bond, the kind of pure perfect bond that should occur after birth. I think with the first one perhaps that doesn’t always materialise in such an obvious way, as there are too many things to learn, too many variables. But this time, gosh, it’s something really special. I am actually enjoying every moment of being this girl’s mother! I guess this is in keeping with a number of things that have been harmonious or ‘right’ throughout this pregnancy and even the birth, despite the shock elements of it. I’ve actually liked my body during this pregnancy, enjoyed seeing what it can do, enjoyed being female, which is not something I’ve felt much before. I am probably bigger and fatter than ever before in my life, yet somehow I like my body more than I have done in a good long while. That’s not to say I don’t want to be at a more comfortable weight, but more and more I am happy with who I am. Pregnancy has improved my hair and skin too! For the first time I don’t worry much about wearing makeup as my skin is relatively clear, and my hair does what I want it to do. I like it. And I don’t have to put much effort in. This air of contentedness has permeated this pregnancy and is continuing in this fourth trimester. Which is quite weird as life is quite full to overflowing and there are many stresses coming at us from all angles.

I can say one thing though, there’s little chance I’ll have another baby. I thought before this one came that there might be a chance of a third, but after that labour, and now getting to have this pure mothering experience, I think I’m done. I’ll go into detail in another post on the birth, but the intensity of it, phew, I don’t think I can handle that again, I really don’t. I would have liked more than two children, but at least there is more than one, as Dude being an only child would have been a big disappointment for me. He already adores his sister, wants to hold her and kiss her. He is put out of course, and feeling a little abandoned I think as daddy has had to go off and do some unavoidable work stuff and I’ve been completely confined to bed, short of toilet breaks and the odd shower. My mum is here for him, but I think he’s just a little bit much for her, he pushes the boundaries and she doesn’t have the same techniques to deal with him that we do. So he gets away with things and everything is a bit up in the air. Despite all that’s going on around me, though, I am completely in the mothering zone and finding even the painful bits fun. I know challenging times are ahead, but despite this I am loving being in this moment.


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2 thoughts on “The love”

  1. I am so glad the little girl arrived safe and well! It’s so funny reading your last two posts as there are similarities to my two experiences in your words. I too had a long first labour and a short(ish) (7 hour) second labour. I still think the shorter, more painful labour was preferable!

    I also said no more kids after the second time… based on my horrific pregnancies and the fact I don’t find labour enjoyable however we’re now planning on a third next year, fingers crossed of course. Now that I have two walking, talking toddlers, it seems that my hormones are ready to go again ha ha!

    I definitely bonded with Didi in an smoother manner than I did with Anouk. I think you’re right about having to learn so much the first time… the second time you’re already aware that the baby will be do whatever they want and you need to go with the flow. I think for me, not having feeding issues second time around was a big factor in a smooth bond.

    Also, just on the supplement thing, I think you should stick with them for a while. I too agree that getting the nutrients from food is the best option but I find it so hard to eat enough during PG and BFing. I too take spirulina in a shake every day (along with kale, chia, blueberries, yoghurt, banana and almond or jersey cow milk), olive leaf extract, a glass of fresh OJ, a BFing multi and a probiotic and I STILL have low calcium & B12 levels. I eat a really good diet too (maybe a bit much sugar but, toddlers!) and so I’m off to the naturopath soon to have a chat!

    Anyway, I look forward to reading your birth story and hopefully meeting little C at some point! We’re planning on finally getting back down to Melbourne before the year is out.

    Linda. xx

    1. Thanks Linda! It’s funny how many people have given similar descriptions of second labours and babies. I’m still not sure if I prefer the shorter painful labour or the endurance task that was the first! Although I can already feel myself beginning to forget just how insanely intense and painful this labour was. Ah hormones…!
      It would be awesome to catch up when you do make it down this way. Xx

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