From the farm to the mist

Just a shortie right now as I’m typing this on my phone. We’re about halfway through our trip overseas and currently enjoying some brisk sub-zero temperatures in Manchester. Here are some photos so far.

Our accommodation on the game farm in South Africa - no electricity but oh so lovely, such peace and quiet
You can tell Africa and Australia were once joined - animals have evolved but the earth is so similar
Paraffin and gas lamps, the braai in the background and bones on the table. The monkey skull was eerily familiar.
Clear blue sky, temps in the minuses, back in the UK!
I'm not that materialistic but man I missed shopping in the UK! So many shoes...
Manchester city centre. I don't know it at all but it was great. We ate Dutch pancakes as it got darker and colder and the mist graduated to fog. I've not developed the ability to pinpoint that transition but according to Mr C, it's obvious.

Once I’m back home I’ll be doing a series of posts on the trip and associated topics. For now, let’s just say that I’m still just as uncertain about ever moving back as I was before. London will be the ultimate test of that, and we’ll be there in about a week…

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