A song for a thunderstorm

The Pacific Ocean up the road from my place
The Pacific Ocean up the road from my place

A massive storm just came in here, and because we’re up on the cliff tops looking over the Pacific Ocean, we bear the brunt of any stormy weather!  The rolls of thunder are frightening in their intensity and the lightening is incredible, as though it’s striking right outside my front window!  (which it probably is – last time there was a big storm like this it killed our Foxtel box and when the dude came to fix it he told me they are always out replacing boxes in this area when there’s a storm)

Anyway, as the thunder crashed and the Dude noticed it for the first time, I began spontaneously singing a song my mum used to sing to me when it stormed.

Now I know where it came from – and now I can learn all the lyrics, as I only ever knew the first verse and got many of the words wrong…


Author: curiosikat

Writer, editor, linguist, social historian...

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