A gargantuan decision

So I’ve decided.  I’m amalgamating my blogs.  Why, you ask?  Well, I’ve been thinking on this for a while and I realise that it’s better for everything to be in the one place – that’s what categories are for, right?  What really made me decide to amalgamate was this post from The Pioneer Woman, who I’ve recently begun following – she makes a lot of sense!

So Cocoon Moon is now just going to be the ‘Birth and parenting‘ category in this blog, and I’ve started a new ‘Making stuff‘ category which is going to be about, well, making stuff.  You know, crafty stuff, creative stuff.  I’ve got a post in the pipeline about my projects coming up and ongoing, and I’m even going to post some photos (shock horror!)

Anyway, if by some miracle you are an actual human reading this and not some bot about to spam me up the yin yang, just know that this blog won’t just be about writing and books and stuff any more.  In fact all that has its own category now – ‘Literary leanings‘ (yeah I know it’s bollocks, gimme a break, I was always crap at those punny tabloid style headlines, what are you going to do about it?)  Oh and if you’ve discovered this blog because of an interest in Genealogy, never fear, I still do some stuff with that too… or at least it has its own category.

I’m even considering mentioning my blog on facebook!  I know, scary, right?  Because I struggle with the idea that I might have occasionally mentioned someone I know in a blog post and then they might read that blog post and get upset or something… Not that I go on about how much I hate people I know, it’s just that, yeah, I respect people’s privacy.  Then there’s also the whole thing about identifying myself online.  Because, and now I might get in trouble but what the hell, I have lots of relatives that I don’t talk to any more and that I want nothing to do with. And some of them are psychos.  Yes, I’m not joking.  Well maybe a little, but you know what I mean, they have issues, and they have no lives, and they want to stick their noses into my life and spread shit and all that.  Not that I care, but still, I don’t really want any of those people seeing my stuff.  And yet I put it online… Hmm, gotta think on this one a bit more…

Anyway, for now, this is a revised space!  I’m also considering changing the name, but that needs some more thought…

Author: curiosikat

Writer, editor, linguist, social historian...

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