12 week update

So he’s 12 weeks now, just coming up to three months old and thriving.  He’s huge!  I don’t know how fast babies are meant to grow but 1cm per week is pretty fast I think.  He’s changing and reaching new milestones every day, it’s great to watch.  I went walking yesterday, and when I got to the spot we reached the day before he was born, when we went walking to ramp up the contractions, I thought, wow, I can’t believe how much has happened in those 12 weeks.

Sometimes pretty amazing happened with his sleep too.  He has been consistently sleeping through the night since 8 weeks, not without a couple of wrestles in the middle of the night where he just has some boobie and goes back to sleep, but I haven’t had to sit up with him.  He did have a meltdown the other night for at least an hour, was pretty awful actually, and I kind of gave up and just laid him next to me and tried to wait out his crying.  Husband had gone into the living room to sleep but couldn’t possibly drift off with all the crying, so he eventually came in, picked him up and had miraculously rocked him to sleep in a few minutes.  I felt kind of guilty because meltdowns like that don’t need to happen any more.  His patterns are more obvious, and I know he wants to be in bed pretty much as soon as it gets dark, or at least by about 8 or 9pm, as he gets grumpy in the evenings and doesn’t like waking up properly at night, wants to just feed and fall back to sleep, but because we’re up and watching tv or whatever he gets woken and then is too awake to feed back to sleep; by the time he can drift off, there’s too much milk coming out and he gets frustrated as he just wants to suck but the milk keeps coming.  So yeah, my fault.  But aside from that, a miracle happened two days ago.  We’d gotten up as usual between 8 and 9am, I’d fed him and eaten breakfast myself, and just had him lying on the couch next to me as I watched a Love My Way repeat (remember that show?  It was pretty good!)  I dangled a toy above his head and he chatted to it and batted it.  I watched him for a few minutes and realised he was sleepy – his little eyes would close momentarily.  I thought, no way he’ll fall asleep, but I kept the toy dangling, and sort of swung it back and forth like a pendulum.  He grizzled momentarily, and I thought that might be it, but suddenly his eyes closed and he dropped off to sleep!  I couldn’t believe it!  I very gingerly sat up and crept away, putting my phone on silent and texting his dad to announce this miraculous event.  Unfortunately, it was short-lived, as he was woken by some fluid needing to be coughed up.  Ah well.  But I was still proud, just amazed actually that he’d do it.  So I’ve made a couple of attempts since and nothing, but I’ll keep trying.  I’m going to keep trying to get him to sleep alone, at least for a few hours each day and eventually at night, although he needs a cot for that to happen – still in its box from Ikea!


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