Get a life!

I’m starting to get really sick of online forums and the boring shit that people discuss there.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made lots of lovely friends via online parenting forums since I’ve been off work to have the Dude, and as I don’t intend to return to work outside of home in the near future, I’m going to be spending a fair bit of time hanging out online, so forums make sense, to chat and exchange ideas about parenting etc.  But seriously, some people discuss the most inane things ever!  I’m thinking, hang on, don’t you have kids to look after?  Don’t you have shit to do round the house or other constructive activities?  Is a discussion about how long to leave it before you reply to someone’s text message REALLY a good use of your time?  I think it’s more than just people being losers that bothers me, it’s how incredibly over sensitive some people are that is getting under my skin.  People talk about not being judgemental – hello, that’s human nature, every sentence uttered is a judgement, really, let’s face it!

Here are some of the really inane and annoying topics I’ve come across recently:

  • Those people that decided not to give their baby’s gender away – urgh, whatever, so over it, who gives a shit!  And frankly, I reserve the right to judge them for it.
  • Whingeing about the Go the Fuck to Sleep book because it’s apparently offensive – oh for fuck’s sake, seriously, get over it, is there anything you’re not offended by?
  • Shit about feminism.  God it pisses me off!  It’s so anti male, I hate it!
  • How some child/woman/non-male person unless a child was abused/ignored/treated in a bad way – yeah okay, it’s terrible, but why are you posting it on a forum?  Like, a link to a news article about it?  We know, it’s shite, why do you want a whole bunch of people up there commenting on how bad it is?!  Pointless.  Urgh.
Okay, maybe I need to get off the forums and find some strategies for amusing myself in another way if I don’t like it, right?  Meh, this is my blog, I’ll do whatever I like thanks!  It’s true, I don’t need to be on there reading it all, and to be honest I don’t post at all on one forum, just read every down and then.  I guess my issue is also with these die hard feminist types – just because I had my baby at home and don’t vaccinate and wear him in a sling and don’t agree with controlled crying doesn’t mean I’m a freaking feminist!  I’m all for women and girls, and yeah, I don’t like being treated like a second class citizen, but I’m not into man-bashing.  I find it pretty funny how a lot of feminists are trying to become men without realising it, all this ‘I can do anything men can do’ shit.  Yeah, I installed the deadlock on my front door, I love cars, I’m not afraid of a fight, and I paved a 15 square metre area in my back yard all by myself, including using an 80kg plate compactor, but I’d happily have handed that job over to a big strong man, no worries!  They’re bigger and stronger for a reason, because they’re men and their role is more around physical stuff.  Men and women are different, that’s a fact, and it’s okay.
There are plenty of female obstetricians and GPs who think having a baby at home is madness and are completely ignorant about the way a woman’s body works and how not interfering is best.  And there are plenty of male obstetricians and GPs who agree but aren’t misogynists.  Similarly, there are a lot of men who were pioneers in the homebirth movement; I’m just as grateful to and admiring of Michel Odent as I am to/of Ina May Gaskin, put it that way!
So yeah, people talk about a lot of shit online when they’re at home with children and have nothing better to do.  I gotta get back into my writing and away from the online forums, they’re doing my head in!

Author: curiosikat

Writer, editor, linguist, social historian...

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