Am I dreaming?

I can’t believe it, Dude slept at least six hours last night (could be more, I’m so tired these days my sense of time is hazy at best)!  He did sleep well the night before too, Monday, exactly 8 weeks old.  He did an odd thing though, on Monday night.  He just cried.  It was ear-piercingly loud, unrelenting and he couldn’t be consoled, even with the boobie.  I tried him a couple of times on each side, no, wasn’t having it, and on Monday night I was so exhausted I started to lose it.  I had brought him to bed but it was a little late, probably 11:30pm, and so when he began to scream I took him out of the room to let husband sleep (snapping at him on the way out – tiredness gives me the short fuse I’ve never had). I was so shattered, I couldn’t stand up with him any more, not that it made a lot of difference anyway, so I just held him as he screamed and sat on the couch in the lounge.  It was a low moment.  I let him scream and scream for a good five or ten minutes, awful as it was, as I had exhausted all possibilities and I had this sense that he just needed to cry.  Sure enough, after a crying stint, I tried him on the boob and he jumped on like nothing else and was soon fast asleep.  It really only took about 15 minutes to settle him, even though it seemed such a moment of despair because I couldn’t satisfy his needs instantly…  He slept pretty well, waking only a couple of times during the night, and I think I sat up to feed him only once or twice, which is amazing compared to other nights where it’s been every hour, on the hour.

Similarly, last night he got very upset, seemingly about nothing.  Of course it’s never ‘nothing’, but I had changed him and tried to feed him but again he rejected the breast and cried even more when I tried to put him on.  So I paced around, holding him as he cried his little heart out.  It was earlier, probably 11pm, by the time he began to calm and then, again, as if by magic, he jumped on the boob and settled.  I think it was about 11:30pm when I finally passed out next to him, could have been midnight but no later.  The next thing I knew, he was stirring, snuffling about like a little aardvark for the boobie. I latched him on and let him feed for a short while as I began to wake up a bit.  I looked at the light around the blind to try to get an idea of what time it might be, and even though it felt like early morning I thought, nah, it’s probably 2am and I’ve got the whole night of wakings ahead of me.  I noticed husband stirring, and he checked his phone to look at the time, put it back down, and pulled the doona back over himself.  Yep, it’s early, I thought.  So I checked my phone. 6:15!  What the?!!  I was bowled over!  No wonder I felt so well-rested and awake!  What a miracle!  The little man sucked away happily and I just smiled and stretched as much as I could while I kept him attached.  My arm was stiff, being under his little head all night, but I had just had six hours sleep!  I lay happily dozing, enjoying him being next to me, sleepily re-fueling his engine.  Eventually husband’s alarm went off as usual at 6:30 and I told him about the miracle.  Amazing stuff!

To top it all off, not only did he fall back to sleep until 8am, he did so while lying next to me, with his head on the bed, not my arm, and he was up for an hour to feed, then fell back to sleep again about 9am.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I was able to wrap him up and put him on our bed for another two hours’ sleep until 11am!  Who is this baby and what has he done with my cranky little Dude?  I’m not holding my breath yet, but I think this is a milestone, that turning point that everyone else had talked about and I’d considered a myth…


Author: curiosikat

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